SAFETY ALERT: Malibu Hindu Temple Issues COVID-19 Safety Alert for New Year's weekend events. The temple Encourages Devotees to Stay Home and Watch Live Streaming events.

Because of the COVID-19 surge in Los Angeles, this city has become the worldwide epicenter of the novel coronavirus. Some estimate that one out of every twenty residents of LA could be a carrier of the virus. Any activity in a public space exposes each and every one of us to being infected by the virus. Therefore, we encourage people to stay home, and watch our programs that are being live-streamed. Please spend time in the safety of your homes with your families. We have announced live streaming events both on New Years eve and New Year’s day. For timings and details, please visit our website,

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision and Los Angeles County policy that permits services at religious institutions, however, the Hindu temple will be holding outdoor New Year’s weekend events on a limited walk-in basis. Any devotee who decides to come to the temple must strictly follow these rules:

(1) Wear a mask at all times. If you have access to an N-95 mask, please wear that mask. If you plan to use a cloth mask, we encourage the use of double cloth masks.

(2) While standing in line to check in or upon entering the quad of the main temple, maintain 6-ft distancing at all times. To help you in this process, the 6-ft separation has been marked on the ground.

(3) We will not be opening the main sanctum sanctorum at both the Venkateshwara complex and the Shiva complex. There will be NO indoor worship permitted during New Year’s weekend.

(4) The shrines of Rama, Lakshmi, Andal, Krishna, and Hanuman are located in the open quad of the temple outside of the main complex. Therefore, we will permit devotees to visit these shrines, but we will not permit devotees to linger at the entrance to the quad, where the Lord Venkateshwara Utsava murthy will be located, or the respective entrance of any of the other shrines.

(5) The devotees should not make an attempt to get out of line to view the shrine of Lord Venkateshwara in the main temple. To get a darshan of the main deity (“moolavar”), two television sets have been installed at the entrance to the quad. These televisions will carry a live picture of the main shrine of Lord Venkateshwara.

(6) Do not get out of line to do any independent pradakshanam of the temple. By walking the single line inside of the quad, the devotees will automatically be blessed with performing the pradakshanam of the temple. 

(7) There will be a single entrance and a single exit from the temple. Once you enter the line, we request you to move very quickly while maintaining 6-ft distance. Have your darshan (including at the Shiva complex), pick up your takeout lunch boxes, and exit to pick up your car and drive away. We will not allow anyone to consume any food on the temple premises. The devotees will not be permitted to bring any other offerings, including fruits, flowers, or prepared foods.

(8) Maintain a safe distance between you and all of the employees of the temple, including the priests. Do not approach the priests for any personal services. Every employee who works in the temple will be tested and cleared prior to the New Year’s weekend.

(9) We urge you once again to stay at home and watch livestreaming of the events. We also would like to remind everyone that they come to the temple personally assuming the risk of the visit. No one can hold the temple liable for any COVID-19-related exposure. 

Thank you, and a happy new year. 


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