Book Recommendation: “Understanding the Vedas” by R. Narayanaswami


The Malibu Hindu Temple is delighted to recommend a recent publication titled, “Understanding the Vedas.” The author of the book, R. Narayanaswami, has been an important member and leader of the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California. The Temple has always admired his knowledge of the Vedas and Hindu religion. His commitment and dedication to the Temple has inspired many of us at the Temple over three decades. I have been a personal witness to his continued attendance at the Temple along with his wife, Sarasa, every Saturday. I have seen him offer his services by way of chanting the Vedas. I cannot claim any scholarship in the area to address the essence of the writing itself; however, I have always admired his lucid English writing style. Knowing his knowledge and wisdom of the Vedas, we are happy to endorse his book. We wish to express our gratitude to R. Narayanaswami and his wife, Sarasa, for their continuing service to the Temple and their contributions to the Hindu religion.

The book is available on Amazon.


Nadadur S. Kumar
General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer
Hindu Temple Society of Southern California


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