Malibu Hindi Temple Updating Membership Records


The Malibu Hindu Temple is updating the membership information as a part of the overall effort to digitize all processes and procedures at the Temple. In an effort to accomplish this, we are implementing this digitization drive in phases. The first step in the process is to update and digitize the membership information for those who were members of the Temple before July 2000. If you fall in this category, the procedure for you to update your membership information is as follows:

1. Visit and enter your information in the online form;

2. If your information is not correctly registered in our database, you will be prompted to provide more details regarding your membership, and we will contact you once we verify the details with our records.

We request all members to update their membership information no later than Monday, April 26, 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Malibu Hindu Temple


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